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Nutrisi Untuk Bangsa is a movement from the community
for people who care about nutrition issues in Indonesia.

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66 years Sarihusada

Sarihusada is committed to always provide the best nutrition for future-generation Indonesians and their health in the present and future

The Best Quality for Indonesian Mothers and Children

From the beginning, the focus has always been on product quality and safety. Ensuring that our product is up to international standards is commitment we will never waiver from.

Breast Milk is the Best

Sarihusada is committed to always support the provision of breast milk exclusivity for the first six months up to 2 years of age, as an investment of future life quality.

We Are Determined to be the Most Trusted

We try to do the best every step of the way by observing rules and regulations, working with our business and social partners, fulfilling our responsibilities without exception, and affecting those around us positively

Standby Indonesian Mums to Nurture New Lives Through Advanced & Affordable Nutrition and Education

Sarihusada committed to providing high quality nutritional products, services, and education to all mothers and children in Indonesia every day.

About Us

About Us

A company that produces various nutritional products for mothers and children with a focus on taste, affordability and international standards.

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Sarihusada has the best lineup of our products for nutrition mother and child. We will always strive to provide the best products for Indonesian people.

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We are ready to help you answer questions about Mother and Child nutrition growth and development.

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