Product Quality

Sarihusada sets a strict standard of quality to its every product. We enforce the Focus on Quality (FOQUAL) program in our factories to ensure that food quality and safety becomes a shared culture and consciousness.

Production Process

Each of the products we produce are compliant national and international safety and health standards. We pay attention
to aspects of health and safety, since from the receipt of raw materials, processing of raw materials, packaging of finished
goods to distribution to consumers

  • Raw Materials

    During the material selection process, the company focuses on the best suppliers – That can be examined by looking into their criteria fulfillment, material specification agreement, the supplier's level of service, and routine supplier audit. Handling of raw materials from suppliers that begin when we receive the material until the materials are in our warehouses, are also given special concern by applying multilayer packaging with the intend of sustaining quality and preventing contamination.

  • Manufacturing

    Furthermore, reliable operator is a key to the success of our products. Autonomous Operators are programs we employ to ensure that operators working in our production areas are reliable, ethical, and competent.

  • Distribution

    The final distribution process is all about maintaing freshness, product traceability, as well as delivering to all areas in Indonesia. We arrange for all of our products to stay in good condition throughout the distribution process, which involves a variety such as: environmental conditions and cleanliness of trucks and warehouses. The First In First Out principle is the basis of our distribution.


Our Management and production we use high-tech equipment and good sterilization, from beginning until end in order to prevent contamination from the outside by applying Production Processing Standards (Good Manufacturing Practices).


Here are certifications received by the Sarihusada factory:

Our History

By the mid 1950s, the Indonesian government and the United Nations initiated the development of a special program which would assist the adequacy of protein in Indonesia.

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About Danone Specialized Nutrition

PT. Sarihusada Generasi Mahardhika is a company incorporated in Danone Specialized Nutrition

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Our Principles at Work

Our attitude towards customers, colleagues, communities and the environment around us commitment in helping to improve the nutritional conditions of mothers and children in Indonesia.

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First 1000 Days of Life

Early Life Nutrition is essential for growth and development the health of all ages.

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Occupational Safety and Health

Sarihusada always sets a high standard of Occupational Safety and Health (K3) for all its employees.

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