Sarihusada’s Sustainability Initiatives

Each of our products are manufactured in accordance with international health and safety standards. We conduct everything we a concern for safety and health, beginning with the receiving of milk as raw material, the processing of those raw materials, the packaging of finished goods, to the distribution process into consumers.

Sarihusada set three major cornerstone in building strategic long-term CSR program implementation, which is the core business of the company as a provider of nutritious products, considering the government's development plans and the potential for cooperation with various stakeholder groups.

On the other hand, we also educate mothers in various parts of the archipelago about the importance of nutrition by involving NGOs and health professionals. Thus the public's understanding of health and nutrition will become better.

As part of Danone, we also work closely with Danone Ecosysteme Fund to implement various social initiatives. Danone Ecosysteme Fund is a fund aimed in strengthening Danone ecosystem and creating social and economic value through an inclusive partnership consisting of 5 scopes: sourcing, territory, micro-distribution, caring service, and recycling.

Some programs are implemented in collaboration with Danone Sarihusada Ecosysteme Fund, among others, in the field of caring service: there is the Warung Anak Sehat-program (WAS), which provides nutritious foods, nutrition education, and entrepreneurship training program for mothers; Srikandi Academy, a program to improve the competence of Midwife Academy students graduates in becoming a midwife in a community. In the field of sourcing: there is the Merapi Project, a community revitalization program for those affected by the Merapi eruption through the provision of modern facilities and livestock-integrated farming as well as learning facilities for farmers and ranchers.

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Our Program

Sarihusada CSR activities are focused on five aspects, namely in the field of health and nutrition, children's education, economic empowerment, disaster relief and the environment.

Nutrition & Health Education

We are committed to being part of the solution to malnutrition and maternal and child health issues in Indonesia.

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Economic Empowerment

Sustainability initiatives need to be supported by a community of independent means. We assist female economic empowerment through entrepreneurship programs and the development of local suppliers and craftsmen.

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Sarihusada constantly tries to be a friend of the environment. Our commitment to the environment is reflected in the Company's Code of Conduct

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