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different from my previous pages, now I am going to share just a little bit scientific. That is what I know about nutrition requirements for mom, especially for pregnant.. hihih .. it is useful not only for mom, but also for dad for your beloved wife and anyone which is going to pregnant, so you can prepare better..

1. Energy
First thing you have to note is calorie requirements.. Calorie is the amount of energy usually in kilo-calorie (kcal) or kjoule. In pregnant women, it increases gradually depend of the age of your gestation. I devide it in three parts : 1st trimester. 2nd trimester, and 3rd trimester. Each trimester consist of three months. During 1st trimester is very small addition. Only 10 kcal, almost the same to normal women.but then increase an additional 340 to 360 kcal/day during the second trimester and another ll2 kcal/day in the third trimester( IOM, 2002)

2. Protein
Protein requirement increases throughout gestation and is maximum during the third trimester.The current RDA (Recommended Daily Intake) of 0.66 g/kg/day of protein for pregnant women is the same as that for the nonpregnant women in the first half of pregnancy and increases for the second half to 7l g/day (IOM,2002). For each additional fetus another 25 g/day of protein is recommended. Protein deficiency during pregnancy has adverse consequences,but limited intakes of protein and energy usually occur together, making it difficult to separate the effects of energy deficiency from those of protein deficiency.

3. Carbohydrate
The 135 to 175g /day is the recommended amount to provide enough calories in the diet to prevent ketosis and maintain appropriate blood glucose during pregnanry. This175 grams translates to 700 calories and is 35% of an average 2000 calorie/day regime. Careful choices are needed toinclude all the nutrients for pregnanry in the daily diet.

4. The amount
Fat in the diet should depend on energy requirements for proper weight gain. HoweveS for the first time there is a recommendation (an AI of 13 g/day) for the amount of n-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids (linoleic acid) and an AI of 1.4 g/day for the amount of n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (ct-linolenic acid) in the diet (IOM, 2002).


Those are about  the macronutrients need in pregnancy, and I will share the micronutrient need during pregnancy later..


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