Researchers Lineup

Sarihusada's products are formulated by highly reliable and ethical researchers. These scientists are determined to be pioneers in the findings and innovation of nutrients that can help people live healthier. The research team conducts series of innovative researches to develop the best nutritional support for mothers and children. Here are profiles of researchers who are directly tied to Sarihusada.

Dr. Tonny Sundjaya

With his background as graduate from the University of Airlangga's Faculty of Medicine, Dr. Tonny Sundjaya continued to deepen his interest in the field of community nutrition, and earned his masters' degree at SEAMEO-REFCON (Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organizations-Regional Centre For Food and Nutrition) which is under the auspices of University of Indonesia's Faculty of Medicine. Dr. Tonny Sundjaya is currently an active member of the scientific team at the Indonesian Medical Association Physician Nutrition (PDGMI). Armed with experiences in various types of research on nutrition and public health services for more than ten years, Dr. Tony Sundjaya is responsible as the Scientific Research & Development Manager for Danone Nutricia Early Life Nutrition in Indonesia.

Jacques Bindels

Jacques Bindels obtained a master's degree from the Department of Biochemistry and Pharmaco-chemistry at the Radboud University Nijmegen in the Netherlands. He then obtained his doctorate thesis at the university on "Structural studies on soluble eye lens proteins". Dr. Bindels has published many articles in peer review journals as well as a number of reviews and books. He is a member of several professional organizations such as the Netherland's ESPGHAN and Nutritional Sciences Academy. Dr. Bindels is now Danone Research's Scientific Director responsible for Research & Development for Asia Pacific.

Prof (em) Dr Ir Deddy Muchtadi, MS

Prof. Dr. Ir. Deddy born in Tasikmalaya and obtained his PhD in Food Science from the Universite des Sciences et Techniques de Languedoc (USTL), France in 1984. Some of his specialized topics include: the effects of processing towards the nutritional values of food, metabolism of nutrients, food toxicology, bioactive food components, and functional food. He is currently a Professor (em) at the Department of Food Science & Technology, Bogor Agricultural University and served as a consultant Danone Nutricia Early Life Nutrition.

Prof.Dr.Ir. Endang Sutriswati Rahayu MS.

Prof. Dr. Ir Endang, was born in Yogyakarta, and earned a doctorate from the University of Tokyo in 1991. Currently, he is Head of Graduate Studies Food Science (PhD Program) at the University of Gajah Mada (UGM), Chairman / Chairman of the Indonesian Society for Lactic Acid Bacteria (ISLAB), vice chairman / vice President of the Asian Federation of the Society for Lactic Acid Bacteria (AFSLAB), Coordinator of the Communication Forum for Indonesian Culture Collection Curators (FORKOMIKRO). Vice Chairman / Vice Chairman of the Indonesian Society of Microbiology (PERMI) and serves as Danone Nutricia Early Life Nutrition Consultant.


Research Approach

Earlylife nutrition plays a very important role in growth and affects health throughout everyone's lifespan.

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Our Commitment

Our support in fulfilling nutritional needs during the early stages of life is mirrored in our responsibilities towards our customers.

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Our Global Presences

Sarihusada as part of Danone Early Life Nutrition has three international research center that focuses on research in Early Life Nutrition and local research centers in Jogjakarta.

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Related Research

The development of our products are also based on research results of current studies on mother and children around Indonesia, which we acquire from reputable sources.

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