Economic Empowerment

Sustainability initiatives need to be supported by a community of independent means. We assist female economic empowerment through entrepreneurship programs and the development of local suppliers and craftsmen.

Economically independent communities will have more power to control the fulfillment of balanced nutrition and health, which in turn will affect the quality of Indonesia's human resource in the future.

Merapi Project

The Merapi project aims to help victims of the eruption of Mount Merapi which occurred in 2010 and caused many residents to experience economic problems. In collaboration with the regional governments of Yogyakarta Special Region and Sleman Regency, we divided this project into two programs, namely dairy activities (integrated dairy farming) and non-dairy activities (Farming Income Generation Activity / FIGA). 

The Merapi project has metamorphosed into a livestock training center, especially for dairy farming. Throughout 2017, around 1,500 people came to the Merapi Project enclosure to conduct various types of training including apprenticeship programs, street vendors, comparative studies and also tourist visits. This program was later formalized as the 'Farmer Academy' or 'Farmer Academy' program.

Rumah Tempe

Rumah Tempe is an economic empowerment program carried out in Gendeng Village, Prambanan Klaten through the implementation of the Rumah Tempe Srikandi Gendeng program in Kemudo Klaten Village. This program also contributes to economic development, through village industry interventions based on local potential. We provide assistance, training, and support facilities so that people can create economic opportunities through the development of local products that are of good quality and worthy of sale.

Currently, Rumah Tempe succeeded in producing 6,000 packs of tempe with a turnover of more than Rp. 15,000,000, -.

Warung Anak Sehat

Warung Anak Sehat (WAS) is our program that aims to create a school with a healthy canteen through assistance and provision of educational materials. This program focuses on fulfilling nutrition according to the PROGRAS Balanced Nutrition Guidelines) and empowering women through micro businesses. In carrying out this focus, Program WAS collaborates with experts or related agencies, some of which are the Faculty of Ecology Human, Bogor Agricultural University (FEMA IPB) and CARE International Indonesia. In 2018, we empowered 350 women in 446 schools and trained 27,861 children, 6,122 mothers, 313 teachers, and 350 IWAS. As a result, 72% of IWAS had an increase income of more than 50%.

Rumah Srikandi

Rumah Srikandi is a community development program that aims to improve health and nutrition, the environment, and microfinance.

Its activities range from demonstration agricultural plots, cooperative loans, school enrichment programs and even entrepreneurship. Until 2018, there were 6 active Srikandi House projects running in Central Java.

Nutrition & Health Education

We are committed to being part of the solution to malnutrition and maternal and child health issues in Indonesia.

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Sarihusada constantly tries to be a friend of the environment. Our commitment to the environment is reflected in the Company's Code of Conduct

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