Economic Empowerment

Sustainability initiatives need to be supported by a community of independent means. We assist female economic empowerment through entrepreneurship programs and the development of local suppliers and craftsmen.

Economically independent communities will have more power to control the fulfillment of balanced nutrition and health, which in turn will affect the quality of Indonesia's human resource in the future.

Warung Anak Sehat (WAS)

WAS is a social project funded by Danone Ecosysteme together with Sarihusada and Dompet Dhuafa or Dhuafa Wallet that was established in early 2011. The concept of WAS is: we identify women in areas with malnutrition issues who aspire to become micro-entrepreneurs (“WAS Mother”), then provide them with training in fields of micro businesses, accounting, food safety, nutrition, and motivation. Then, we provide micro-credit to assist them in opening small shops called "Healthy Kids Shop" where they will sell healthy food products and share their knowledge of a balanced diet for children to other mothers.


Merapi Project

Partnering with Danone Ecosysteme Fund, Merapi Project is a community development program in the field of farming and agriculture as a post-Merapi-Volcanic-Eruption-disaster recovery program which is done through the provision of modern facilities and agricultural farms, and through learning facilities for farmers and ranchers.
The integrated facility consists of 1.7 acres of modern cage and can accommodate 240 dairy cows fitted with milking equipment, mini labs, cooling units, biogas digester. .


Community Empowerment in Badran

Community Empowerment in Badran is a community based on empowerment program that aims to encourage self reliance and creativity of the community to improve the quality of health, education and economic prosperity.


Nutrition & Health Education

We are committed to being part of the solution to malnutrition and maternal and child health issues in Indonesia.

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Sarihusada constantly tries to be a friend of the environment. Our commitment to the environment is reflected in the Company's Code of Conduct

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