Our Principles at Work

Our attitude towards customers, colleagues, communities and the environment around us commitment in helping to improve the nutritional conditions of mothers and children in Indonesia.

Areas of Work

We consider all employees under the auspice of the company a resource. We utilize a number of ways to ensure that we treat our employees the best way they should be treated:

  • Protecting the welfare of our employees by complying with the applicable employment policies and regulations.
  • Sustaining our responsibility in respecting Human Rights (HAM) and avoiding anything that may risks the violation of any aspect of human rights.
  • Committed to circumventing fraud and corruption through the Anti-Fraud policy, one of the mechanisms of analyzing corruption risk across businesses.
  • Protecting employees at the workplace and helping to monitor and advise on occupational safety programs through the Committee on Health and Safety (K3).
  • Improving competency during position, responsibilities and career transition periods which will provide value to the company and stakeholders.
  • Ensure a clean, healthy, comfortable, and safe work environment.

Commercial Area

We take careful precaution in our efforts to protect and ensure the safety for our customers. This ranges from concept development, research and product development, certification, production, storage and logistics, distribution, marketing and sales, to usage and disposal.

  • Maintaining the safety and nutritious quality of our product, as well as keeping it affordable, comfortable, and at a consistently high quality.
  • Ensuring product safety by complying to the applicable standards of the food quality and safety policies.
  • Retain our conviction that breast milk are the best nutrition for babies.
  • Protect our consumers by making responsible marketing practices, complying with applicable standards and regulations.
  • Providing reliable customer service centers in all aspects of our business. Starting from a toll-free phone line, text messaging, email, to digital media such as websites and social media accounts.


We try our utmost to realize our responsibilities and care towards protecting the earth, where we live and create.

  • Active in our efforts to protect the environment by running our business with a care for health and longevity
  • By striving to control and decrease the level of carbon emission and other air pollutants.
  • By saving on water in almost all areas of production.
  • By processing waste until it is clean before streaming it back into the river for public use.
  • Controlling the negative effects of production towards the environment non-toxic solid waste and toxic waste.


We are committed to supporting the empowerment of communities in sustaining a life of quality and well-being.

  • Encouraging self-reliance through a special program focusing on health, nutritional education, economy and society.
  • Contributing to the improvement of quality children's education.
  • Disseminating information about the nutritional needs of mothers and children with involvement from trusted experts.
  • Fostering the knowledge and skills of qualified health professionals.
  • Disaster relief through nutrition and economic empowerment coaching.
  • Supporting activities outside the company focused on improving the nutritional status of mothers and children.
  • Partnering with qualified institutions and entities to help improve the nutritional status of mothers and children.

Our History

By the mid 1950s, the Indonesian government and the United Nations initiated the development of a special program which would assist the adequacy of protein in Indonesia.

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About Danone Specialized Nutrition

PT. Sarihusada Generasi Mahardhika is a company incorporated in Danone Specialized Nutrition

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Product Quality

Sarihusada sets a strict standard of quality to its every product. We enforce the Focus on Quality (FOQUAL) program in our factories to ensure that food quality and safety becomes a shared culture and consciousness.

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First 1000 Days of Life

Early Life Nutrition is essential for growth and development the health of all ages.

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Occupational Safety and Health

Sarihusada always sets a high standard of Occupational Safety and Health (K3) for all its employees.

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