Occupational Safety and Health (K3)

Sarihusada always sets a high standard of Occupational Safety and Health (K3) for all its employees. Sarihusada believes that occupational safety and health is a basic right for everyone, where workplace accidents and occupational diseases can be eliminated. We have a program called WISE (Work In Safe Environment), a program related to occupational safety and health as a whole, both in operations (factories) and commercial (sales and distribution).


WISE is an Occupational Health and Safety Management System (SMK3) within the Danone Group, and is one of the Basic Pillars of Danone's business, so Sarihusada as part of this Group certainly has the obligation to implement this system in all existing functions.

In WISE, we recognize 5 Basic Principles of Safety, namely:

  1. Zero Accidents can be achieved, all accidents can be prevented.
  2. Behavior change is very important, because 96% of the causes of accidents are unsafe behavior.
  3. Active involvement and cooperation from everyone is a major factor in building a culture of safety.
  4. Management is responsible and accountable for the work safety of its employees.
  5. Good work safety is a good business performance (Good Safety is Good Business / Good Performance).

13 WISE Elements

WISE consists of 13 important elements, and the Management Commitment element is the adhesive and the main driver of the other elements in this WISE implementation. Here are 13 elements in WISE.

  1. Strong Commitment from management
  2. Safety Policies and Principles
  3. High Standards for Safety Performance
  4. Target Safety that challenges and plans work programs
  5. Safety Support Personnel
  6. Safety as a Line Management Responsibility
  7. Integrated Safety Organization
  8. Motivation
  9. Effective Communication
  10. Safety Training
  11. Accident Investigation and Event Reporting
  12. Effective audit and re-evaluation
  13. Safety Management Contractor

Management Commitment

To achieve the best results in every organization, management and occupational health with costs, productivity, quality and level of service. Commitment and health from top to bottom, at all levels in the organization.


Motivation is the appreciation of all efforts from employees for their contribution to the implementation and dissemination of occupational safety and health in their environment.

Safety Motivation

Effective Communication

Communication is the key to the successful implementation of occupational safety and health. Management plays a very important role in conveying messages. Messages must flow from 3 directions: from management to employees, from employees to management and laterally to all internal and external networks.

Safety Wall Magazine


Continuous work safety and health training is important for all employees. Special attention needs to be given to all employees, both new training materials and refreshment training.

Defensive Driving Training (DDT)

Training AED

External Safety Networking

Contractor Safety Management

Occupational safety and health must be one of the bases for selecting contractors (third parties) who will work for our company. The third party chosen must be able to manage occupational safety and health for its employees. Evaluations will be carried out periodically to measure the level of safety and health performance of their work.

Contractor Safety Management

Our History

By the mid 1950s, the Indonesian government and the United Nations initiated the development of a special program which would assist the adequacy of protein in Indonesia.

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About Danone Specialized Nutrition

PT. Sarihusada Generasi Mahardhika is a company incorporated in Danone Specialized Nutrition

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Our Principles at Work

Our attitude towards customers, colleagues, communities and the environment around us commitment in helping to improve the nutritional conditions of mothers and children in Indonesia.

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Product Quality

Sarihusada sets a strict standard of quality to its every product. We enforce the Focus on Quality (FOQUAL) program in our factories to ensure that food quality and safety becomes a shared culture and consciousness.

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First 1000 Days of Life

Early Life Nutrition is essential for growth and development the health of all ages.

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