About Sarihusada

PT Sarihusada Generation Mahardhika (Sarihusada) is a company that produces various nutritional products for mothers and children with a focus on taste,affordability and international standards. The company was founded upon the initiation of the government of Indonesia and The United Nations (UN) to address the problem of nutritional deficiencies that occurred in children at that time.

Standby Indonesian Mums to Nurture New Lives Through Advanced & Affordable Nutrition and Education

In accordance to our vision, we aim to provide education as well as nutritional services and products to Indonesian mothers and children each day. We believe that the provision of proper nutritions from the early life- from pregnancy to child age - will give positive effects for the present and future.

Company Values

Sarihusada implements the Danone Group Values, which are basic principles that guides our operation every day. These values apply to the way we work and grow with our business, how we build our relationships and buy and sell products, and in how we recruit our employees.

There are four core values embodied within the basis of behavior, allowing us to apply it to our work; they are:



Being honest with oneself and others create dialogs,
openness, and team work.


We play close attention to the safety of our products,
the same as we do towards the environment and society.

Appreciation towards others
with the same amount of respect and advancing the growth
of our business partners.



Having an awareness of what we conduct presently while also proactively planning for the future. By rejecting archaic and obsolete working methods, we open our minds to new ideas through imagination.


Symbolizes our passion and energy, as well as our ability in dealing with various situations with swiftness, flexibility and adaptability.


We encourage constructive debates and the brainstorming of different ideas.


Easy access

Our management style means it easy to get ahold of us. We are also always commited to honesty.


Being honest with ourselves and taking responsibility for all our actions.


Dealing with our customers, suppliers and customers in genuine ways to build lasting ties in our buying and selling relationship.



The freedom to think and act independently, we take smart risks and regularly
seek different, new pathways. We confidently cope with failure.


We work and lead with conviction. Working is a an enormous pleasure when
we are able to transcend what is expected and achieve excellence. When
we are able to transcend what is expected and achieve excellence
and achieve excellence.

A passion for challenges

With optimism and enthusiasm, we are eager to grow and lead.

A Message from our President Director

Sarihusada has been trusted in Indonesia since 1954 as a specialist in mother and children nutrition. A member of Groupe Danone, a Fortune 500 company and one of the most successful healthy food companies in the world, our products are supported by 400 scientists from Research Center in Indonesia, Singapore and Netherland and manufactured at Klaten, Jawa Tengah and Yogyakarta with international standard.

In our 60 years of business, one thing remain unchanged - our priority to provide Indonesian mothers and children with right nutrients and affordable products. This is in line with our mission of standby moms to nurture new life through affordable products and education. We take this role and vision seriously by consistently deliver quality and reliable products which meet the needs of Indonesian mothers and children.

We are committed to delivering excellent quality to all mothers and children who trust and rely on our products and services. Every employee applies strict international quality standards throughout our innovation process: from ideation, research activities and ingredient selection, to the way our foods are manufactured, packaged and stored. We also have deployed the Focus on Quality (FOQUAL) program in the factories to ensure that we drive the culture and awareness even further.

As a manifestation of our concerns for the Quality & Food Safety Management and Environment Management System, we have implemented ISO 9001, ISO 22000, ISO 14001 and HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) in our production facilities.

Safety at work is a top priority at Sarihusada because everyone has the right to work in a safe environment. We promote safe and healthful working conditions for Sarihusada’s employees through Working in Safety Environment (WISE) program. We will continue to work diligently to assuring that every employee returns home safely every day.

In line with its mission, we ensure all marketing activities are comply with regulations and Code of Ethics. We implement social responsibility through various activities and credible partners to give positive impact on the community around us. We also conduct dialogue & discussion with colleagues, healthcare professionals and nutrition experts worldwide to contrIbute its best for the advancement of the health of the Indonesian mothers and children.


Olivier Pierredon,
President Director Sarihusada

Ethics Guide

Consistent in implementing the company's cultural values at every operational level is a tangible presentment of Sarihusada's commitment to the principles of Good Corporate Governance (GCG).

Sarihusada develop policies that support the management of the company in a professional and responsible manner, fully guided by the provisions of law and the prevailing ethics of working.

Sarihusada upholds these three code of ethics:

1. Sarihusada's Code of Conduct

Sarihusada is highly committed to trust, transparency, collaboration, governance implementation efforts, compliance with laws and regulations, the involvement of stakeholders, food safety and consumer interests, products and marketing information, biotechnology, environmental protection, employment, human rights, contributing to sustainable developments, business integrity, wisdom business execution, political involvement, honest competition, and supply chains.

Sarihusada also actively promotes the Code of Conduct with all business partners, contractors, suppliers, and clients.


2. Employee Awareness Policy

Sarihusada motivates its employees to maintain and preserve a certain level of work ethic by reporting the following to management:

  • The infringing or suspected violation of law or company policies and regulations, which specifically relates to a criminal offense 

  • Infringing on a code of ethics

  • A threat to public health, safety and environment

  • The distribution of false information

  • The withholding, destroying or deliberate manipulation of information related to an offense, accounting, internal accounting controls or questionable auditing procedures.


3. Business Operation Policy

This policy describes the principles Sarihusada adheres to in running our business, in terms of related interest, bribes and unusual payments, as well as fiscal legislation, questionable trades and money laundering.  

In doing business, Sarihusada promotes Transparency, Governance Implementation Guidelines towards Enterprises, an obedience towards lawful legislations, as well as an honest competition practice.  



Sarihusada is always commited to upgrading its product quality as well as contributing to the health of mothers and children. This is an ongoing process which fuels the company's passion. These awards are dedicated to all Indonesian mothers and children.

  • Sarihusada receives SGM Best Brand Gold from SWA and MARS as well as Indonesia Sustainability Reporting Award from NCSR, INA & IAMI.
  • Sarihusada receives Social Entrepreneurship Achievement as a company that actively creates, flankes, and guides entrepeneurs and entrepeneurship from SWA and MARS, SGM – Best Brand Gold from SWA and MARS as well as Gelar Karya Pemberdayaan Masyarakat Award as a company that promotes MDGs in the category of promoting the health of pregnant mothers from the Ministry of Economy and Welfare & CFCD.
  • Gelar Karya Pemberdayaan Masyarakat Award as a company that supports MDG achivements on the category of MDG's destination-4, Child Health Services Program with the program "Let's Be Aware of Nutritions" in West Java from the Ministry of Economy and Social Welfare & CFCD
  • Indonesian CSR Platinum Award for the Environment Sector Programme “Nature: Go Green Initiative" at the Sarihusada plant in Kemudo Klaten, Central Java.
  • Indonesia CSR Award Gold in the Social Field for Program Srikandi Award “The Empowerment of Midwives For Agents of Change in the Health Sector to Promote Achievement of Target MDS's".
  • Indonesia CSR Award Platinum on the field of Consumer of the Gizikita program and “Let's Be Aware of Nutrisions” program: “The Provision of Micro Nutrients at Afffordable Prices accompanied by Health Education Programs for Mothers to Lessen Micro Nutrients Deficiencies in Children”.
  • Award for Best Three CEOs All Category Sectors out of 41 Indonesian Companies partaking at the CSR Awards 2011
  • Proper Environmental Management, Green Rating given to Sarihusada's plant in Klaten for its good environmental performance for the period of 2010 - 2011 from the Ministry of Environment
  • Indonesian Charta Care as a Top CSR in Health Education Program
  • Best Brand Index for dairy products SGM growth from Solo Post and Harian Yogya
  • Best of the Best Public Relations Program of the Year 2012 on the category of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program, Srikandi Award and Internal PR for the program “Let's Be Aware of Nutriency: Learning For All” from MIX Magazine
  • Gelar Karya Community Empowerment Gold Award for as a company that supports the achievement of the MDG's goal for category-1, with the program "Healthy Kids Shop" from the Ministry of Economy and Social Welfare & CFCD
  • Gelar Karya Community Empowerment Award Platinum as a company that supports the achievement of the MDG's MDG's goal to category-5, with the program "Srikandi Badran Home" Province from the Ministry of Economy and Social Welfare & CFCD
  • Gelar Karya Community Empowerment Award as a company that supports the achievement of the MDG's corporate partners in the program category "Well Drilling by Midwife Liestiyani Ritawati" from the Ministry of Economy and Social Welfare & CFCD
  • Award as a pioneer of the application of the principles and criteria of children-worthy enterprise from Asosiasi Perusahan Sahabat Anak (APSAI)
  • Indonesian Sustainability Report Award (ISRA) in the category of 'The Most Creative Sustainability Report' of NCSR
  • Proper Environmental Management Green-Rating given to Sarihusada's plant in Klaten for good environmental performance for the period of 2011 - 2012 from the Ministry of the Environment
  • Indonesian Care Charter 2012 from Dompet Dhuafa
  • Pelangi Award from the Indonesian Children's Friends Association (APSAI) as a company that is considered on the forefront of children welfare in its work environment, product and marketing as well as social activities.
  • The Best Indonesian Contact Center Gold Award 2013 in the category of “The Best Contact Center Operations” from Indonesia Contact Center Association
  • Nutrition Care 2013 Awards for the twitter account @ Nutrisi_Bangsa as the best in providing nutrition education to the community and the program “Let's Be Aware of Nutrients” from PERGIZI FOOD
  • Platinum Gelar Karya Community Empowerment Awardas a company that supports the achievement of the MDG's MDG's goal to category-4, with the program "Let's BE Aware of Nutrients Connectt" from the Ministry of Economy and Social Welfare & CFCD
  • Public Relations Program of the Year in 2013 for the program “AMG Goes to PAUD” in the category of Corporate PR and “Browse Nutrition” program in the category of Social Campaign of MIX Magazine
  • PR of The Year Awards 2014 from MIX Magazine (Best of the Best Corporate PR, Best Social Campaign, Best inhouse Magazine, Best CSR)
  • Indonesian CSR Awards 2014 (Best CEO, AMG Connect, Rumah Srikandi, Air Bersih, WISE, Careline)
  • Proper Awards 2014 (Sarihusada Klaten - Green, Sarihusada Yogyakarta - Blue)
  • Padmamitra Award
  • Charta Peduli Indonesia as Top CSR in Small Enterprise Program 2014 from Dompet Dhuafa
  • Commendation for 1st Sustainability Report with GRI G4 from NCSR

Our History

By the mid 1950s, the Indonesian government and the United Nations initiated the development of a special program which would assist the adequacy of protein in Indonesia.

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About Danone Specialized Nutrition

PT. Sarihusada Generasi Mahardhika is a company incorporated in Danone Specialized Nutrition

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Our Principles at Work

Our attitude towards customers, colleagues, communities and the environment around us commitment in helping to improve the nutritional conditions of mothers and children in Indonesia.

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Product Quality

Sarihusada sets a strict standard of quality to its every product. We enforce the Focus on Quality (FOQUAL) program in our factories to ensure that food quality and safety becomes a shared culture and consciousness.

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First 1000 Days of Life

Early Life Nutrition is essential for growth and development the health of all ages.

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Occupational Safety and Health

Sarihusada always sets a high standard of Occupational Safety and Health (K3) for all its employees.

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