Our Commitment

Our support in fulfilling nutritional needs during the early stages of life is mirrored in our responsibilities towards our customers. This can be seen in how we: collaborate with our trusted partners, conduct open dialog with scientific and medical communities, our dedication towards the enforcement of exclusive breastfeeding, and our adherence to national and international rules.

Innovating Through Partnership
We operate within a strong network of partners, involving both health practitioners, governments, universities, NGOs, research institutions as well as key experts in the field. This way, we ensure innovation through quality, exclusivity, and momentum. We also continue to expand and strengthen these networks

Open Dialogue
Dialogues with the scientific and medical community are just some of the ways we continue to seek insights for the development of better products. In addition, we publish our work in scientific journals and have partaken in several national and international conferences. We have also invited professional experts, health policy makers, and scientific experts on regular basis to our research facilities to share and discuss the research behind our products.

Quality & Food Safety is Our Priority
We are committed to providing quality to all the mothers and children who trust and rely on our products and services. Every employee applies strict international-quality standards during the process of innovation: from the initial process of coming up with ideas, research activities, and the selection of raw materials, to the way our products are manufactured, packaged and stored. Without tolerance for error, from the laboratory to the factory, from the farm to the consumer table.

Compliance with Regulatory and Ethical Principles
We recognize the importance of WHO's Code of Marketing regarding breast milk substitutes. We support the recommendation of exclusive breastfeeding for the first 6 months of life and continued breastfeeding with the introduction of safe and appropriate complementary foods thereafter.

Optimal Nutritional Value of National & International Standards
To provide nutritions that are optimal, tasty, and affordable, we follow national and international standards in ensuring each of our products are safe for pregnant and breast-feeding women, as well as children.


Research Approach

Earlylife nutrition plays a very important role in growth and affects health throughout everyone's lifespan.

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Our Global Presences

Sarihusada as part of Danone Specialized Nutrition has three international research center that focuses on research in Specialized Nutrition and local research centers in Jogjakarta.

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Related Research

The development of our products are also based on research results of current studies on mother and children around Indonesia, which we acquire from reputable sources.

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