Research Approach

Earlylife nutrition plays a very important role in growth and affects health throughout everyone's lifespan. Our goal is to create quality products with tested health benefits and to provide nutritional needs during early years, for Indonesian children everywhere.

Researchers Reliable
Our research is supported by more than 400 scientists from Danone Research Center spread in the Netherlands, Singapore, and Indonesian. We are committed to providing world-class science to support the current and future health. Our research focus on understanding of local nutrition and nutritional impact needs on the beginning of human life.

Nutritional Significance
The early stages of life are times when fast, significant growth occurs. In unison, the intestines, immune system, and other bodily systems, including the brain, develops. Aside from that, food metabolism and nutritions on children are different from adults. As such, nutritional growth during every stages of life, including in the womb needs additional attention, to support optimal growth, which will decide the quality of life.

Best Quality for Consumers
We are committed to providing the best nutritional products that our consumers can rely on. That is why, product quality is an important part of the product development process. We ensure quality by applying the international standard “from the farm to the table”. We apply the highest quality in every aspect: from the ground where our products are developed, to the packing and storing process.

Research and Technology
Based on world class scientific knowledge and supported by researchers from Danone Research Center, and current technology and equipment, we are able to develop products that can provide nutritional needs in every stages of life.

Our Commitment

Our support in fulfilling nutritional needs during the early stages of life is mirrored in our responsibilities towards our customers.

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Our Global Presences

Sarihusada as part of Danone Specialized Nutrition has three international research center that focuses on research in Specialized Nutrition and local research centers in Jogjakarta.

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Related Research

The development of our products are also based on research results of current studies on mother and children around Indonesia, which we acquire from reputable sources.

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