Nutrition & Health

We are committed to being part of the solution to malnutrition and maternal and child health issues in Indonesia. This is realized through our nutrition and health initiatives which we run with trusted partners who are experts in their field.

We believe balanced nutrition and health will be more effective with the direct involvement of mothers and children in our sustainable development program. We do all of this out love, and the smiles of Indonesian mothers and children remind us why we do it.


Srikandi Academy

The Danone Ecosysteme and PKPU held a joint program, with cooperation from the West Java Provincial Health Office and supported by the Indonesian Midwives Association (IBI) to assist newly graduated midwives in improving their competence, and to prepare them to work within a community, adding to their practical experience and ultimately at clinical-practice facilities.

The program grew out of the “1000 Midwives Program” launched by the Governor of West Java. This program is intended to produce more midwives in West Java to balance the shortage of midwives in the region, and hopefully to reduce mortality rates amongst mothers and children.




Discussions held regularly since 2011 with health professionals, nutritionists, policy makers, NGOs and other experts which explore issues of nutrition and health of mothers and children by inviting journalists and social media activists.

Goals to be achieved through this activity that is for distributing nutritional science to the general public. It becomes an effort to provide nutrition education into the company's commitment to improving the health of mothers and children in Indonesian.

AMG (Ayo Melek Gizi) Connect

AMG – Community & Nutrition Education Center, commonly referred to as AMG Connect, is a cooperative program Sarihusada and Faculty of Human Ecology (FEMA) IPB is developing, an education facility for a comfortable community located on FEMA IPB's campus. The panel members of this program will design a nutrition education curriculum that is simplified for cadres, and activists, and the nutrition community.

Under the direction of a team of FEMA IPB faculty teachers and students, this program will tutor you through a variety of interesting topics and practices surrounding the use of food for nutritional nourishments of mothers and children.

AMG (Ayo Melek Gizi) Goes to Community Center

PT Sarihusada Generasi Mahardhika's Employee – Community Engagement. Through this program, Sarihusada invites its employees to participate directly in educating mothers at community centers about balanced nutrition and healthy diet.

The program aims to ensure that all employees actively participate in social initiatives aimed at improving the nutritional status of mothers and children in Indonesia, as well as in building cooperation among employees and foster a sense of pride within the company by making a real contribution to society through the education of healthy eating and balanced nutrition.

AMG (Ayo Melek Gizi) Learning For All

AMG – Learning For All is a balanced nutrition education program for all employees Sarihusada. In this training, employees are taught about healthy eating and balanced nutrition. The training is divided into three levels, namely AMG Advocates, AMG Experts, and AMG Ambassadors. The program aims to ensure that all employees understand Sarihusada is all about healthy eating and balanced nutrition and its application in a family.

1000 Days of Life's Ambassador (HPK)

Along with IDAI, POGI, PDGMI, IBI, and PKPU, this Danone Ecosystem Fund is a long-term educational program, to appoint and utilize ambassadors as the representatives to pass the knowledge about the importance of Early Life Nutrition for the future generations. This program is expected to produce 430 certified ambassadors who will be able to train 3.500 educators, and 10.000 facilitators as the field instructors.

Economic Empowerment

Sustainability initiatives need to be supported by a community of independent means. We assist female economic empowerment through entrepreneurship programs and the development of local suppliers and craftsmen.

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Disaster Care

As a nutrition products company operating in Indonesia, we are aware that natural disasters such as volcanic eruptions, floods, and earthquakes could occur at any time without warning.

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Sarihusada constantly tries to be a friend of the environment. Our commitment to the environment is reflected in the Company's Code of Conduct

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