Let's Grow With Sarihusada

We work everyday to make Sarihusada the best place to grow. We are constantly committed to encourage and hone our employees' competencies and expertise, in order to deliver the best possible performance.

Great Place to Grow

Because we belong to Danone family, working in Sari Husada opens up the door to national, regional and international opportunities and challenges. Danone recruits employees who are looking for fulfillment and ready to embark on a lifelong learning journey. With support and guidance, Danoners (employees of Danone) are responsible for shaping their own career and contributing to the performance of the business.

Each of our employees has an equal opportunity to grow, to fulfill their potential and explore their creativity. Each employee shares the same vision and a common bond to build Sari Husada’s leadership through continuous focus on product quality, service, customer satisfaction and social responsibility. For people with high levels of energy and commitment, Danone is the perfect place to challenge the status quo and generate breakthrough ideas. Because our culture is based on initiative and empowerment, every day can be a fresh adventure - full of new possibilities and real excitement. 

Danone focuses on the development and progression of its local and regional talents. Various programs are available to boost Danone employees’ career through international assignment and projects. Each employee is encouraged to shape their career path by alternating between the various functions, contexts and cultures. Mobility is decided by mutual agreement with the employee, taking into account their personal situation, their aspirations in terms of career progression and the needs of the organization. 

We care about employee development by enabling them to possess variety of competencies and skills necessary to excel in their jobs. We invest much on providing comprehensive local and overseas training for our employees. In Indonesia, we have Danone Academy Indonesia which implements programs that enable all employees to develop both in their professional and personal life. As an agile organization, we have Danone Academy 2.0 platform, where Danoners can access learning 24/7 at their fingertip. All the development programs and platforms are designed to reach the target we set:  80% of our vacant positions should be filled internally.

Why Work with Us

In Danone, we work with these principles:

A health mission: bringing health through food to as many people as possible.

Be inspired by our mission to bring health to Indonesians at all stages of their life. You will be proud to work at a company that commits 100% to health promoting products. With our customers’ best interest at heart, we always go the extra mile to ensure we produce only the best-quality products and uphold very high ethical standards.

You will collaborate with the best experts to constantly improve our product quality. We don’t just comply with local regulations; we go above and beyond to achieve international best practices.

A commitment to business success and social progress: the dual project.

At Danone, we believe success is not just about business results, but also about how much we can contribute to social progress. Danone is rapidly growing in Indonesia, with our Aqua being the world’s most sold bottled water, and our Early Life Nutrition products growing rapidly year on year. Our product success means we are able to improve people’s quality of life.

Our commitment to social progress is not only demonstrated through the many local eco-system projects we initiated, but more importantly by being an integral part of our day to day decision making in everything we do.

An empowering and open leadership style.

Danone is a company for people who really want to make a difference. We welcome different ideas and ways to achieve our goals. You will have the necessary autonomy and flexibility to work at your best and implement your ideas and initiatives.

Take charge of your career path through the full support from our leaders and many development opportunities available. Together, we will identify your professional and personal goals and build programs around them. You will then take control like a captain of a ship sailing through limitless sea to develop and learn as you grow in Danone.

A culture fostering collective impact and teamwork.

At Danone, we embrace the dynamic environments across our different business units, but at the same time we leverage our synergy as “One Danone”. Experience an open culture where ideas and suggestions will come from everywhere and initiatives are discussed and implemented both at global and local levels.

Danone will value you. You are talented in your unique way, and deserve respect and equal opportunities regardless of your background and role. You will be joining a team of professionals highly committed to diversity and inclusion in order to tap into everyone’s potential.



Our unique culture is deeply rooted in family culture and based on the spirit of strong willingness to provide the best for the nation though healthy nutrition  The casual and friendly environment fosters a proximity mindset where you can easily discuss and network with all Danoners no matter their position in the company.

Here in Sari Husada, we embrace diversity. People who are working with us come from diverse background, age, and gender. However, diversity is not so much about gender, age, ethnicity … it is more about recognizing the uniqueness of each employee and valorizing the added value that these differences all together bring to Danone. Danone believes that the group’s strength and its ability to generate new ideas stem directly from its capacity for welcoming a wide variety of profiles.

Fun @ work

To be able to be productive at work, we realize that office environment should be designed to facilitate our employees to have ample opportunities to connect with each other.  At our Dan Lounge, cozy sofas and entertainment corner help us to unwind and be refreshed. Healthy food is provided to encourage healthy eating habits.

Sports clubs are organized where employees can choose different sport activities according to their interest.

Work life balance for our working mom colleagues is supported through the arrangement of a free child care facility which is organized yearly around the month or Ramadan and after Eid el Fitr break because we realize that is the time where working moms need support for their childcare.

Study further how fun life can be in HERE.

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