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Danone Presents the World-Class Research Center in Yogyakarta

Latest Update: 01 Aug 2019

Yogyakarta, (24/07/2019) - Today Danone officially opened the Danone Nutricia Research - Sarihusada Research & Innovation (R & I) Center research center located at Sarihusada, Muja Muju, Yogyakarta. This international standard research and innovation facility is equipped with the latest science and technology expertise. The existence of a research and innovation center in Yogyakarta will be able to encourage Danone's efforts in Indonesia to develop innovative nutritional products that play an important role in helping to deal with various health issues that occur in Indonesia such as stunting and anemia.

The capacity building of the research center is carried out by completing four high-tech facilities, namely the Pilot Plant, Raw Material and Product Development Laboratory, Sensory Laboratory, and Packaging Laboratory. This facility will make it easier for Danone to carry out a simulation process of product prototypes independently; starting from exploring science and technology insights, conducting clinical studies for product safety and effectiveness, developing products, conducting packaging studies, and sensory studies until innovation products are ready to be produced on an industrial scale. The research center in Indonesia is part of Danone Nutricia Research which focuses on the category of Specialized Nutrition.

Connie Ang, President Director of PT Sarihusada Generasi Mahardhika said, "Danone is committed to bringing health through food products to as many people as possible in the world, and Indonesia is an important focus of our business. Our focus in Indonesia is to contribute to addressing the challenges of fulfilling nutrition faced by mothers and children including faltering growth (stunted growth) and stunting. For more than 60 years, Sarihusada - part of the Danone business group - has become a reliable provider of education and nutritional products in Indonesia. The capacity building of Danone Nutricia Research - Sarihusada Research & Innovation Center emphasizes our commitment to the people of Indonesia, where we want to continue to enhance the capabilities of research and innovation, supported by the expertise and networking of our Research and Innovation Centers throughout the world. "

"Increasing this facility will help us prioritize research and innovation to ensure a holistic approach to product development locally. By having a Research and Innovation Center in the same location where we operate and produce, it will be easier for us to conduct in-depth research and get direct input from consumers. This will also accelerate the product testing process to the production stage while ensuring that the quality produced is in accordance with international standards. ", Said Beneace Steffens, Director of Nutricia-Sarihusada Research & Innovation.

Drs. Heroe Poerwadi, MA, Deputy Mayor of Yogyakarta who helped inaugurate this facility in his remarks stated, "We are also proud and support the existence of a sophisticated research and innovation center in the city of Yogyakarta. This facility is certainly an important achievement for Sarihusada and Danone which has been part of the city of Yogyakarta for a long time. "

"For that, I hope this facility will bring greater benefits to the community, especially to fulfill the quality nutrition for mothers and children, and also become one of the proofs that our beloved city is a respected city of education and has a research and research center in the field superior nutrition. ", added Hariyadi.

"We believe that nutrition has a great power to bring positive changes to human health. For that, we present our best capabilities through research and innovation in Yogyakarta, also invest to improve the expertise of our employees, to help the Indonesian people become healthier and more advanced, through nutritional products that we develop in our factories, "concluded Connie.

Danone-Sarihusada first built the Research and Innovation Center in Yogyakarta in 2011. Over the past eight years, various transformations have been carried out to ensure increased capabilities and applications of the latest technology. The existence of a pilot plant at the Yogyakarta plant will support the product trial process in the form of product prototypes for consumers in Indonesia and several countries, thereby encouraging efficiency in the product innovation process.

The Danone Specialized Nutrition business portfolio consists of early life nutrition for mothers and children and special medical nutrition that aims to bring positive changes to human health and well-being in important life times through innovative product innovation and scientifically based.

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