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  • Entering the Factory Line with the Best Operational Sustainability, Danone - Sarihusada Wins Green C

    Latest Update: 20 Dec 2019

    Entering the Factory Line with the Best Operational Sustainability, Danone - Sarihusada Wins Green Certificate from the Ministry of Industry

  • New Innovation SGM Advanced Advance + Soya Help Fulfill Children Nutrition That Does Not Match Cow's

    Latest Update: 29 Aug 2019

    SGM Advanced Advance + Soya comes with 5 Kindness ComplinutriSoy + as an alternative nutrient for children who are not suitable cow's milk to keep growing and developing optimally to be a Generation of Advanced Child

  • Danone Presents the World-Class Research Center in Yogyakarta

    Latest Update: 01 Aug 2019

    Yogyakarta, (24/07/2019) - Today Danone officially opened the Danone Nutricia Research - Sarihusada Research & Innovation (R & I) Center research center located at Sarihusada, Muja Muju, Yogyakarta. This international standard research and innovation facility is equipped with the latest science and technology expertise. The existence of a research and innovation center in Yogyakarta will be able to encourage Danone's efforts in Indonesia to develop innovative nutritional products that play an important role in helping to deal with various health issues that occur in Indonesia such as stunting and anemia.

  • SGM Explore Invites the Community to Welcome National Children's Day to Support Indonesia's Advanced

    Latest Update: 26 Jul 2019

    Jakarta, July 21, 2019 - Every child has the right to get the best nutritional support and appropriate stimulation as early as possible in order to grow and develop optimally so that they have the opportunity to hone their potential achievements. A healthy and quality child is the best hope for the formation of a generation that continues to excel and will bring progress in the future. Therefore, support from various parties is needed so that Indonesian children can get the necessary nutrition and stimulation so that they can develop their potential achievements for the future progress of the nation.