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  • Danone Sarihusada Presents New Faces of Dancing Water Parks in Smart Parks to Support a Healthy Life

    Latest Update: 05 Jul 2019

    Yogyakarta, July 2, 2019 - The Danone business group in Indonesia is realizing its commitment to support maternal health and the development of Indonesian children by presenting a new face of outdoor rides in Taman Pintar, namely the Taman Menari Water Park. This vehicle provides an opportunity for children to explore outside the room while honing the child's motor skills and imagination. In line with the recent National Family Day celebrations, the Menari Water Park can also encourage a healthy family lifestyle that needs to be started early.

  • Sarihusada Supports World Allergy Week 2019 through the #BundaTanggapAlergi Campaign with the 3K Mov

    Latest Update: 12 Apr 2019

    Jakarta, April 10, 2019 - The incidence and risk of allergies in children, especially for food, continues to exist throughout the world, including in Indonesia. Public understanding, especially of the mothers, regarding the prevention and handling of allergies in the child needs to be improved so that he can still grow and develop optimally. In order to support World Allergy Week 2019, Sarihusada through the SGM Eksplor Soya brand invites the Mother to recognize symptoms early and how to overcome the risk of allergies in the Little One through the #BundaTanggapAlergi campaign by conducting 3K movements: Recognize, Consult, and Control.

  • Danone Indonesia and ACT Build Integrated Comfort Shelter for Central Sulawesi Earthquake Survivors

    Latest Update: 12 Apr 2019

    Palu (08/04/2019) - Earthquake, tsunami and liquefaction disasters that occurred in several regions in Central Sulawesi caused a large damage impact. As many as 75,000 buildings were destroyed and damaged and left more than 230,000 people homeless and displaced. To help the refugees get proper temporary shelter, Danone worked with Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) to build an Integrated Community Shelter (Integrated Community Shelter) in Langaleso Village, Dolo District, Sigi Regency.

  • SGM Eksplor Invites the Community to Support the Future of 33 Million Indonesian Children  

    Latest Update: 01 Apr 2019

    Jakarta, 20 March 2019 - Are 33 million Indonesian children ready to grow up healthy and struggle to realize the progress of the nation? Every child is part of the next generation who will determine the direction of Indonesia going forward. Excellent human resources will form a country that can compete with other countries. For this reason, there needs to be a strong commitment and support from all walks of life to prepare Indonesian children from an early age for the creation of superior and quality advanced generations in the future.