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  • Danone Presents the World-Class Research Center in Yogyakarta

    Latest Update: 01 Aug 2019

    Yogyakarta, (24/07/2019) - Today Danone officially opened the Danone Nutricia Research - Sarihusada Research & Innovation (R & I) Center research center located at Sarihusada, Muja Muju, Yogyakarta. This international standard research and innovation facility is equipped with the latest science and technology expertise. The existence of a research and innovation center in Yogyakarta will be able to encourage Danone's efforts in Indonesia to develop innovative nutritional products that play an important role in helping to deal with various health issues that occur in Indonesia such as stunting and anemia.

  • SGM Explore Invites the Community to Welcome National Children's Day to Support Indonesia's Advanced

    Latest Update: 26 Jul 2019

    Jakarta, July 21, 2019 - Every child has the right to get the best nutritional support and appropriate stimulation as early as possible in order to grow and develop optimally so that they have the opportunity to hone their potential achievements. A healthy and quality child is the best hope for the formation of a generation that continues to excel and will bring progress in the future. Therefore, support from various parties is needed so that Indonesian children can get the necessary nutrition and stimulation so that they can develop their potential achievements for the future progress of the nation.

  • SGM Exploration 3Plus Invites Parents to Support the Spirit of Little School with Balanced Nutrition

    Latest Update: 25 Jul 2019

    Jakarta, 4 July 2019 -. First Day of School is an important moment for parents and children. In addition to material needs, parents need to prepare the best mental and physical condition of the Little One to support children's readiness and enthusiasm in facing the new world. Fulfillment of balanced nutrition is still one of the challenges for school-aged children, moreover, 8 out of 10 Indonesian schoolchildren aged 4-12 years are known to lack Omega 3 consumption (EPA + DHA). For this reason, PT Sarihusada Generasi Mahardhika through SGM Eksplor 3Plus wants to remind again the importance of fulfilling nutrition to support the mental, physical and spirit of the Little School.

  • The Role of Nutrition in Children with Non-Communicable Diseases to Prevent Malnutrition  

    Latest Update: 16 Jul 2019

    Jakarta, July 13, 2019 - Currently, the condition of double malnutrition in Indonesia, both stunting and obesity, is still a topic that is often discussed by the public. Various conditions of malnutrition are basically caused by nutrient intake that cannot meet or have exceeded the basic needs of children in accordance with the stages of growth and development. However, there are often special conditions in children that require parents to pay more attention to nutritional needs, such as children with cancer, so they do not experience malnutrition.