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Entering the Factory Line with the Best Operational Sustainability, Danone - Sarihusada Wins Green C

Latest Update: 20 Dec 2019

Jakarta-16 December 2019, Danone Specialized Nutrition (SN) Indonesia through the Sarihusada Factory located in Klaten, Central Java received a Green Industry Certificate from the Ministry of Industry of the Republic of Indonesia (Kemenperin). The certificate was handed over by the Secretary General of the Indonesian Ministry of Industry, Achmad Sigit Dwiwahjono representing the Minister of Industry of the Republic of Indonesia Airlangga Hartarto to Delta Deritawan, Manufacturing Director of Danone Specialized Nutrition at the Awarding of the Green Industry Award in Jakarta. This certificate is given to industries that actively and wisely use environmentally friendly resources and technology and are able to operate effectively and efficiently.

Secretary General of the Ministry of Industry of the Republic of Indonesia, Achmad Sigit Dwiwahjono in his remarks conveyed that currently the Green Industry has become a market demand along with the increasingly high market concern for environmental sustainability and sustainable development. "Supporting this matter, the Ministry of Industry has several strategies, namely through the activities of the Green Industry Award, Green Industry Certification, Industrial Technology Pilot, Leading Research and Applied Industrial Research Facilities," said Achmad Sigit.

In this appreciation Sarihusada became the only healthy food producing factory that received a Green Certificate in 2019. The Green Industry Certificate was the highest appreciation given by the Ministry of Industry to the industry. Ranking under certification is in the form of awards which are divided into 5 levels of achievement.

The Ministry of Industry encourages industries in the small, medium and large scale categories to apply the principles of green industry in the production process operations. The company that obtained the 2019 Green Industry Certificate is an industry player who has implemented a strong and highly competitive innovation base, and still has a high concern for environmental preservation. This makes the domestic industrial world as a supporter of national economic growth continue to develop towards better performance.

Danone Indonesia's Vice President General Secretary, Vera Galuh Sugijanto said "We are proud that our factory was chosen to be one of the factories with the best sustainable operational initiatives from the Ministry of Industry. The Green Industry certification category is the highest appreciation and is evidence of our strong commitment in promoting an efficient and environmentally friendly governance system. "

Sarihusada as part of Danone Specialized Nutrition is a company that produces a variety of quality nutritional products for mothers and children in the early stages of life to school age. To support the provision of quality nutrition supported by science, Danone recently opened a world-class research center in Yogyakarta under the name Danone Nutricia Research - Sarihusada Research & Innovation (R&I) Center.

Danone has a One Planet One Health vision that believes that human health and the health of the earth are interrelated, and every time we eat and drink, we help determine the world we want to live in. "Our vision determines the way Danone products are produced and our approach to protecting the environment. This Green Certification that we received will whip up our enthusiasm as a pioneer in the healthy food industry for more than 60 years to continue to produce leading-edge products that are healthy and quality and encourage various sustainable initiatives, "concluded Vera.

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