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New Innovation SGM Advanced Advance + Soya Help Fulfill Children Nutrition That Does Not Match Cow's

Latest Update: 29 Aug 2019

SGM Advanced Advance + Soya comes with 5 Kindness ComplinutriSoy + as an alternative nutrient for children who are not suitable cow's milk to keep growing and developing optimally to be a Generation of Advanced Child

Jakarta, August 28, 2019 - During their growth and development, children need to consume balanced nutrition, including protein, to support the quality of their health in the future. Although cow's milk is one source of protein high enough to meet the nutritional needs of children, not all children can or are suitable to consume protein from cow's milk. Therefore, it is necessary to provide alternative nutrition so that it can still support the optimization of child growth and development, such as growth milk that contains a special formulation of extensive hydrolyzed protein, free amino acid protein or soy protein isolate with soy based ingredients.

As a company that is concerned with fulfilling nutrition and has been in the midst of Indonesian society for more than 60 years, PT Sarihusada Generasi Mahardhika (Sarihusada) continues to prioritize research and innovation in developing nutritional products that fit the Little Nutrition's daily nutritional needs. Today, Sarihusada presents the latest innovation by launching SGM Advanced Advance + Soya with 5 ComplinutriSoy Goodness + to help meet the nutritional needs of your child who is not suitable for drinking cow's milk.

Meutia Athaya, SGM's Advance + Soya Brand Manager, said, "We realize that more and more parents are aware of the importance of fulfilling proper nutrition for optimal child growth and development. Today, we introduce the latest innovation SGM Advanced Advance + Soya with ComplinutriSoy + provides nutritional solutions to help optimize the growth and development of children who are incompatible with cow's milk protein, equipped with 5 ComplinutriSoy Goodness + that your child needs for optimal growth and development: 100% Protein Isolates Quality soy, Fish Oil, Omega 3 & 6, Lactose Free, Fiber Source, and 13 Vitamins & 7 Minerals. "

Protein is a component of balanced nutrition that plays a role in the formation of cell structure, helps cells carry out their functions, and regulates many functions in body tissues and organs. Often, parents are worried about their child's growth and development that is not compatible with cow's milk protein, because the lack of protein in the child will result in the child's growth and development disturbed.

Prof. Dr. dr. Rini Sekartini, SpA (K), Child Growth and Development Consultant explained, "Children with risk factors intolerant of cow's milk protein still have the opportunity to have the same growth and development as other children. There are several things parents need to pay attention to, the most important is alternative nutrition so that the needs of macronutrients, including protein, and micronutrients, are still met. One alternative for providing nutrition for children who do not match cow's milk protein is a formula with fortified soy protein or soybean isolates. Soya protein isolate based formula is a safe and effective alternative for children whose nutritional needs cannot be met from growth milk made from cow's milk. "

"Formula with soy protein isolate is a nutrient that is no less good for the growth and development of the Little One. Numerous studies have proven that growth patterns, bone health and metabolic function, reproductive function, endocrine, immunity, and nervous system of children consuming cow's milk protein with soy protein isolates are not significantly different from children who consume cow's milk. "Added Prof. Rini

As a mother with a child who is not compatible with cow's milk protein, Natasha Rizky, Actress & A Mother said, "When Miskha is not suitable to consume cow's milk, I was worried about fulfilling its nutrition. With such conditions, Desta and I are certainly very concerned about the nutrition that I provide to children, especially to ensure optimal growth and development. The presence of alternative nutritional solutions such as soy formula can certainly help parents in fulfilling the best nutrition for the little one who is not suitable to drink cow's milk, so that it can support their growth and development to have the potential to become advanced generations of children. "

In this regard, in addition to introducing the latest innovations, SGM Eksportor Advance + Soya also voiced support and encouragement to parents that they have an important role in fulfilling the Little One's nutrition. With the right alternative nutrition, your child can still grow and develop optimally so that later he can achieve the potential for achievement and grow into Advanced Generation Children.

In addition to nutritional alternatives, PT Sarihusada Generasi Mahardhika also helps provide education and information related to children who are not compatible with cow's milk through digital (#BundaTanggapAlergi campaign with 3K and, social media, and health workers both midwives and pediatricians . This effort has succeeded in educating more than 100 million mothers and we are committed to continuing to support mothers in Indonesia to provide the best for the Little One.

Arif Mujahidin, Corporate Communication Director of Danone Indonesia said, "Sarihusada, as part of the Danone Nutricia Research research center, is supported by the expertise and networking of our Research and Innovation Centers around the world. We are committed to prioritizing research so that it can bring product innovations that meet the nutritional needs of children in Indonesia. We hope that this event and innovation can further enhance the enthusiasm of parents that even the Little One who is not suitable for milk protein can still grow and develop like other children. "

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