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Arif Mujahidin – Head of Corporate Affairs

Arif is the Division Head of Corporate Affairs at Sarihusada. He is responsible for designing, promoting, and protecting the reputation of the company through various means of communication. As Head of Communication Division, he oversees the Division of Internal Communications, Media Relations Division, Division of External Relations and Corporate Social Responsibility Division. Arif is also responsible for managing and handling various communication-related matters associated with the company and all brands under the company.

PT. Generation Sarihusada Mahardika
Cyber Building 2, Floor 15
Jl. H.R Rasuna Said Blok X-5 No.13
Jakarta 12950 

  • SGM Eksplor Invites the Community to Support the Future of 33 Million Indonesian Children  

    Latest Update: 01 Apr 2019

    Jakarta, 20 March 2019 - Are 33 million Indonesian children ready to grow up healthy and struggle to realize the progress of the nation? Every child is part of the next generation who will determine the direction of Indonesia going forward. Excellent human resources will form a country that can compete with other countries. For this reason, there needs to be a strong commitment and support from all walks of life to prepare Indonesian children from an early age for the creation of superior and quality advanced generations in the future.

  • Latest Update: 08 Dec 2017

  • Latest Update: 24 Jul 2017

  • Latest Update: 05 Jun 2017